My Unix Setup / Tools

Without tmux and vim

ui - tools

dev - tools

mysql client

  • definition list display

    SELECT * FROM tt_content LIMIT 10 \G
  • Use vim as pager

    pager vim -c 'set paste' -c 'startinsert'
  • Use less as pager

    pager less


  • Alter diff display

    man git-diff
  • Change word recognizion



  • Ignore .gitignore

  • More Context

    -C [lines]
  • Supported filetypes


tui - tools (ncurse)

Everything else

  • zcat / mysql / mysqldump

    Generate sql dump via mysqldump
    compress via gzip
    import via:

    zcat dumped.sql.gz | mysql -uuser -p database

  • etckeeper

    auto git for your system

  • background / foreground

    Send process zu background by pressing CTRL+z
    Bring pressing back to foreground via fg

Everything else (2)

  • update-alternatives / eselect

    switch default

    sudo update-alternatives --config vim

  • cmus

    terminal music player

  • createProject / sphinxProject

    custom bash scripts for tmux


Hopefully this helped you.
Feedback and questions are welcome.

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