TYPO3 Content Repository

how to not develop another extension
hand on!

State Library of New South Wales

The problem:
New extension for each use case

  • News
  • References
  • Portfolio
  • History
  • Team
  • Events
  • ...

Why is it a problem?
Because of time!

  • Updates

    PHP, TYPO3, Storage (e.g. MySQL)
  • Code

    Write, Bugfixing, Adding Features
  • UX

    Sorting, Filtering, Searching
  • Not only you

    APIs, Mobile Apps, Terminals, ...
State Library of New South Wales


  • Manage Content inside of TYPO3
  • Output formats (HTML, JSON, XML, CSV, ...)
  • Output list
  • Provide sorting, paging, filtering, searching
  • Display single detail view


Use a search service

  • Solr
  • Elasticsearch
  • Algolia
  • FACT-Finder


  • Implement once, reuse
  • Configure instead of code


But how ...

Let me show you

Hands on!


For supporting development of search_core

  • TeamWFP
  • Psychotherapeutensuche.de
  • Codappix
  • Martin Hummer (search_algolia)


Hopefully this talk has helped.
Any Feedback?

Slack: danielsiepmann
Twitter: @layneobserdia
Company: Codappix.com / Digital Competence

Sincerly, Daniel Siepmann.