Welcome to TYPO3 Extension Workshop

This workshop is about the basics of TYPO3 extensions, using Extbase and Fluid.

Some “rules” for the workshop

  • You will write all the code yourself. The repository is available though, if you need help or are to lazy… .
  • We will not call APIs without checking out their code. Always understand what your own code does.
  • I’m using the latest TYPO3 CMS 9 LTS, most of the parts are so basic, they should work from 4.5 onwards.
  • Ask questions as soon as possible. This way we have the context.
  • Tell me if you want less details.
  • All materials are available on Github: https://github.com/DanielSiepmann/typo3-extension-workshop
  • When should we make breaks? Any Smokers here?